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Our classes are designed to suit you!

Here at A Tech Fitness we have designed a range of classes and services to suit your needs, lifestyles and goals. Everybody is different. Some enjoy fitness through regime whilst others prefer developing martial arts skills in the process. We even cater for GP referrals!
Group Training

Group Training

A Tech Group Training contains all the same wonderful aspects of 1-on-1 PT, but with the added bonus of fun & motivation provided by a small group exercise setting. The most phenomenal part of A Tech Group Training packs is that they are offered at a fraction of the 1-on-1 PT price.
Personal Training

Personal Training

A personal trainer offers everything you need to achieve your goals. No matter what stage you are at or particular aims you hold, personal training can ensure you maintain motivation which is absolutely vital for long term success. It also offers direction and perhaps most importantly you will experience tangible results which speak for themselves.
GP Referral

GP Referral

We also provide specialist 12 week exercise programmes for clients who have been referred by their GP or a health professional. This can be for a variety of conditions including diabetes, prolific vascular disease, eating disorders, stress, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiac rehabilitation.

Key Benefits of Our Classes

We're sure you'll love them anyway, but here's a few benefits you can expect as standard


We'll build your endurance; with training that'll help you last longer in the ring, and in general day-to-day life.

Weight Loss

With A Tech fitness, you'll drop the pounds in no time. Get yourself in the best shape possible!

Personal Training

Get your own one on one sessions tailored exactly to you and your schedule; contact us and see what we can do!


Our gym and training areas are spacious, so you'll never run out of room to train your kicks and jabs.

Muscle Gain

Not only do we help you drop pounds, we can help you put them on too... pounds of muscle!


Increase your own personal skills in martial arts; following our top trainers will get you in the best state of your life!


Get advice on what to eat, when to eat, suited exactly to the kind of body you want and what training you're currently going through.


We're friendly, approachable, and all round experts. We're here to help with any problems or questions you may need.

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